My father, James Cassidy 1926 - had a great devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus. When we were children, he took the family on pilgrimage to most of the Marian shrines.

Dad, James Cassidy 1926 - 2014 used whatever materials he had to hand. This was a painting of my mother, Josephine, on a cork notice board, using wood stain.

Dad, James Cassidy 1926 - 2014 painted in a fluid, flowing, loose style. He would sing and whistle as he painted, capturing images from memory or scraps of paper from his many walks through the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.

Dad, James Cassidy 1926 - 2014 drew this when he was ill. He never dwelt on his illness but found great joy in art. He coined the phrase, decoreltic design for his unique style of abstract art which swirled with life and movement.

Dad, James Cassidy 1926 - painted this scene of three men in a curragh off the Skellig islands.