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Sexual ;) (the force is with her anyway)

There aren’t too many things that I enjoy more than seeing some random hot girl in sci-fi cosplay. As somebody who frequents sci-fi conventions, I have seen girls in all kinds of awesome cosplay from Vulcans to Princess Leah but Read More .

Batman by Alex Maleev

The origin of the classic Batman villain Clayface is revealed--and a new mystery is introduced! Batman and Commissioner Gordon are forced into a tight corner as Clayface embarks on a murder spree throughout Gotham City. what led Clayface to beco

I_can_not_live_I_can_not_die_trapped_in_myself_Metallica_568x568_pixels.png 568×568 pixels

Lyrics from the song "One" by Metallica, based off the movie "Johnny got his Gun" definitely recommend watching