Quebec / Love, whiskey, rum and music that's all I need .. oh and good weed. !!... and let's be honest I eat like a mothafucka!!!
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Weed plant drawing with a wolf , dreamcatcher and peacock feathers with a dragonfly in the middle

Weed leaf drawing with wolves a dreamcatcher peacock feathers with a dragonfly in the middle.probably the coolest thing I've seen involving weed in awhile!

Diamond & Weed 4 Piece Silver Aluminum or Zinc Metal Grinder 2.5" Wide Diamonds Herb Herbal Green or Gray Color by Swagstr on Etsy

Rose Garden Floral Pattern Retro 4 Piece Silver Alumium Metal Grinder Flowers Mod Pattern Red Pink Girly Girl by Swagstr on Etsy


Carefully selected mothers and ‘fathers’ are used to create our cannabis genetics. We use the most stable, viable and potent plants to produce our cannabis seeds.