Anti Allergy Gel 80g

The Anti-Allergy Gel absorbs fumes and odours while eyelash extension also acting as an excellent air detergent.

Activated carbon mask / anti-formaldehyde

Single mask size: layer: (Non-woven fabric) / layer: (Melt-blown non-woven fabric) / layer: (Activated carbon) / layer: (Non-wove

Anti Allergy Mask (box of 25pcs)

The Anti-Allergy Mask is made of specific anti-allergy filter, including stereoscopic 3 layer structure, It protects you from breathing in any harmful substance

Wink Me Eye Gel Patch / Gel pads (5 pouches per box)

Wink Me Eye Gel Patch / Gel pads pouches per box)

Air Blower

Air blower is used to assist the drying time of glue during eyelash extension procedure. It can also be used to accelerate the evaporation of primer and base.

3M micropore tape (paper type)

Micropore Tape (paper type) - surgical tape is used for covering the lower lashes or to tape the eyelids during Eyelash Extensions application. Micropore tape i

Anti Allergy Mask (1 piece)

Superior Procedure Medical Face Masks (Earloop) (FDA) (Available in Pink, Green, Yellow, Lavender, Blue)

Silicone Mascara wand / brush (Pineapple tip)

Disposable Pineapple Tip Silicone Mascara Applicator Wands Reduce the risk of cross contamination Ideal for sanitary application All prices include VAT of

Glue ring (double section cup-Small)

Used to hold glue, remover or lash primer. Simply put the ring on your less dominant hand& dispense a drop into the well. These disposable glue rings make t

Disposable Mascara Wands/Lash Brushes

Disposable mascara brushes to brush the Clients lashes before, during and after the eyelash extension procedure and can be used with our Gel Glue Remover and Pr