B*tch Better Have My Money

Listen To Rihanna's Fiery New Single, 'Bitch Better Have My Money' - Pedestrian TV

ANTI (Deluxe)

Rihanna’s new album ANTI is available now Rihanna’s new album ANTI is available now

Cockiness (Love It) [Remix] (feat. A$AP Rocky)

Cockiness (Love It) [Remix] (feat. A$AP Rocky)

California King Bed

California King Bed Lyrics: Chest to chest / Nose to nose / Palm to palm / We were always just that close / Wrist to wrist / Toe to toe / Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose / So, how come when I

Kiss It Better

Rihanna - “Kiss It Better” Music Video Premiere - Check out Rihanna’s latest music video for her next single “Kiss It Better”.

American Oxygen

Rihanna just released the music video for her brand new song “American Oxygen.” The video is full of American flag symbols and shows lots of historical footage throughout time. Rihanna comes into frame between shots.