love the use of the space between the rooms for book storage; love the comfortable chair pairs with shared floor lamp and the neutral colors in the room (note use of rug to define the reading space)

Distracted by the book or distracted by the view, either way is okay.

This is stunning. A dream destination, a small cove of heaven surrounded by books and nature. This is pretty cool, but I probably wouldn't get much reading done because my eyes would keep wandering back to the windows.

37 Fantastic Ideas How To Decorate Your Home With Books

37 Fantastic Ideas How To Decorate Your Home With Books

Love this idea. Wish I had a staircase space for it, but I'd still love to use some of these design ideas for our built-in in the dining room. Bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year, 2012

Library, creative stairs and shelves

Home library with staircase. lovely ') I want a library in my house when I grow up! ~ Well I would not say a library, but a lot of books, and something like that ↑ ^_^

The secret door in the library of St. Florian's Priory (Stift Sankt Florian), Stiftstraße 1, St. Florian, Austria

The secret door at St. If you aren't spending your money on a secret door inside of the bookcases, you're spending it very wrong. Idea-secret door in a book shelf that leads to a mini library

Unique steel staircase with integral library by Design+Weld

Unique steel staircase with integral library, design proposal for a private client, London, UK .