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Cassandra Trenary, Soloist with ABT, dress by Leanne Marshall, hair by Damian Monzillo

Dance Pic of the Day

Claudia D’Antonio and Stanislao Capissi, Teatro di San Carlo…

Tallulah's mother, Priscilla                                                                                                                                                      More

Digital Vintage Gypsy Photo Reprint

Vintage Picture of Bohemian Gypsy. Lovely idea for a Fortune Teller costume for Friday's Circus Themed party @ 2016 Coco

Cynthia Parker, amazing photo

Cynthia Ann Parker was captured at the age of nine by a Comanche war band. She married Peta Nocona, and had three children including the Comanche chief Quanah Parker

Achillies in Rome

Achillies in Rome

Fiestas en el Barrio de la Trinidad (Málaga), 1931. Fot. Archivo Municipal de Málaga.

Fiestas en el Barrio de la Trinidad (Málaga), 1931. Fot. Archivo Municipal de Málaga.

Recently, I came across a video (watch below) of Grimes, playing the Ukulele to an unknown track in Canada. As Grimes is normally associated with electronics and her primary instruments would be her voice, keyboards and synthesizers while using looping and layering techniques, it was an exciting pleasure to find a video of Grimes going all unplugged, just using the Ukulele and her voice and wow, I was blowing away.

Grimes, Claire Boucher, shows us how to play the Ukulele and uses her stunning voice in this unplugged session.

Jack Kerouac, Happy 90th Birthday, What Would You Be Doing At 90?

Allen Ginsberg’s photographs of close friends. Allen Ginsberg, “Jack Kerouac wandering along East Street after visiting Burroughs at our pad, passing statue of Congressman Samuel ‘Sunset’ Cox,.

Image result for John Coltrane and Miles Davis sugar ray robinson

The Greatest of All Time! Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. We loved watching these guys box it out on TV.

Tasty Roasted Pumpkin Seeds And The Health Benefits

Pumpkin Seeds are one of nature’s most nourishing foods. They contain high amounts of vitamin E, B-complex, magnesium, zinc, and fatty acids. Pumpkin seeds are essential for men’s health and provide significant protection for the prostate gland.