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Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his world famous 'I Have a Dream' speech on August He called for an end to racism in the United States and for civil and economic rights. Dr. Martins, Presidente Obama, Civil Rights Leaders, I Have A Dream, The Rev, Famous Last Words, King Jr, Chris Brown, Martin Luther King Day

I have a dream…

For Today's blog, I wrote a poem inspired by the "I have a Dream" speech. I hope you find it inspiring. I have a Dream...That all men will be created Equal “I have a dream,” he said. He spoke of trials and tribulations People on a quest to freedom In the years since, we have…

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Fast Forward to Now

Hi, everyone! I'm proud to announce that my poem Fast Forward to now is published in Ink and Sword magazine on page 47! You can click on the link here to read: https://inkandsword.wixsite.com/inkandsword/archive/issue-9-january-2019 Please check out the amazing writers to adorn the pages of the magazine. They are talented and please follow Ink and Sword…

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Together in pairs A group in the air Song and communication There must be a connection Light and wind Gather and dictate Teamwork of twins Flight of a skilled hunt A trickle of fear Wings flap near Hiding in trees Hoping to be free A swoop to kill Brings a great thrill When life ends…

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Marias at Sampaguitas Published Poems

Broken Glass Broken glass, drifting in the air, spilling all over the tile flooring. Swept up and discarded in a bin, never to be saved, put back together. No matter the significance, size, beauty. Glass is powerful and cuts like a knife. Vision of a beautiful mosaic painting, the glass shows a side of beauty, grace, a

Scotland - Glencoe Lochan A Canadian couple purchased the Glencoe Estate, in the Scottish Highlands, in To ease their homesickness, they planted this tract of forest with species native to Northwestern Canada. Terre Nature, Photo Voyage, Voyager Loin, Eilean Donan, Loch Lomond, Scotland Uk, Canada, Scottish Highlands, Belleza Natural

The Dalton Legacy Poem

Please enjoy this poem I wrote for my novel. Samuel Dalton is the main character. His grandfather wrote this poem and read it to him as a boy. I hope you like it. I knew a Man I knew a man who traveled by sea By planks and oars that supported he Waves and ripples;…

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What Stifles Your Ability to Write?

As writers, we tend to be temperamental at times. As humans, there are moments in life when we are sick, hurt, and stifled. We fail to gain our creative flow. We churn out dark images and stories. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but if it's all there is flowing out, it becomes redundant. We…

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The Sign

(A sneak peek into my poetry collection) I wake with startling awareness My child stirs in my belly A pain begins to spread around An unfamiliar and unnatural feeling I turn to my left side to find relief It makes the pain shoot down my spine An hour later, I’m in a ball unable to…

Hex to bring Chaos; Here is a great Hex to bring total chaos to your enemies or someone you hate. Fractal Art, Fractals, Free Magic Spells, Survival Instinct, Fight Or Flight, Conspiracy Theories, Make Sense, Psychedelic, Spelling


A small decision can lead to chaos A step you didn't predict Forming bonds and breaking ties Simplicity in creation Moving through time in a daze You come across a barrier Fight or flight The world takes on new meaning Survival instincts kick in Your emotions are heightened You listen for a sign To find…

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There is no Way To Express The Way I Feel when We were ready To have a life Join in Heart Broken Into Pieces Dim Lights Footsteps On grass Blades Soft Up High I wait …