I was chatting to a friend one day about cars and he remarked that whenever he sees a Skoda estate on the road he immediately thinks that it must be a cyclist

The Adventures of King Kelly and the Carrick Gang

The Adventures of King Kelly and the Carrick Gang

The Truth about climbing

The Truth about climbing

Q & A Cycling tips and hints

All the time I get asked all types of different cycling questions. If you have any questions that you would like answered just drop me a

How to be an Animal on the bike

The ground is damp and a dark cloud overhead signifies the approach of a shower that might be rain or it

Deise Waterford Greenway

This will be spectacular for cyclists when it is finished

Bullet Bennett blasts into Carrick

The day began like pretty much any other Sunday Morning. On the way down the road towards Carrick I met the group coming up the road with their tails in the air

Give your day a name not just a number

Today is Monday September or just plain old For many the day may go something like this ; Get up, eat breakfast, go to work.

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