Lunch Bag ~ Stuff and Spice

A cool little lunch bag, perfect for taking a couple of tupperware cases to work, or for a picnic. I adapted the pattern given in this.

Fisherman Ribbed Beanie ~ Stuff and Spice

This is a warm chunky beanie which you can knit up in about 2 or 3 hours. The pattern is similar to the Chunky Mistake Rib Scarf .

Chunky Mistake-Rib Scarf ~ Stuff and Spice

This is a very cosy chunky scarf which you can knit up in about 3 or 4 hours. The pattern is really easy to knit, and to spot mistakes.

Embroidered Bookmark ~ Stuff and Spice

Trying to pass the time I made this bookmark. It's made with different coloured pieces of felt cut into a right-angled triangle, then sewn t.

Fingerless Mittens ~ Stuff and Spice

After the Arm Knit Scarf and the Moss Stitch Headband I decided to do a pair of simple fingerless mittens to match.