Jane Fonda - "Barbarella" - Roger Vadim  (1968)


Jane Fonda for Barbarella directed by Roger Vadim, Photo by David Hurn

Original Series from Carrie Fisher: A Life in Pictures She later starred in the several Star Wars movies to come after her first, including this famous scene from Return of the Jedi.

Original Series from Carrie Fisher: A Life in Pictures

Princess Leia Organa played by Carrie Fisher on Jabba The Hutt's Flying Palace. On the way to the Sarlaac Pit on the planet Tatooine. Star Wars: Episode VII - Return of The Jedi

The Fifth Element (1997) No one can replace Milla,I bet you think so too! BTW, Milla's orange hair style really impress me! and Im a great fan of her! Do you also think so? write an idea and let me know! my facebook page down here~

Which Kickass Cult Character Is Your Style Inspired By?

Nichelle Nichols as Lieutenant Uhura

Nichelle Nichols

"in Uhura was the first black woman as a main character on US TV who was not a servant. NBC refused to let Nichelle Nichols be a regular, claiming Deep South affiliates would be angered, so Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry hired her as a “day worker,”

Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens" (1986)

Ripley searches for Newt. Amelie by mightycreation Inception Movie Poster Superman vs Batman