Magnetic Time Tracker  Ideal for: Tests Playtime Practice sessions Experiments Colourful lights and unique sounds help students visualise and hear how much time remains Easily program the green, yellow and red sections to track time from one minute to 24 hours

Kids time tracker count down from anywhere between one minute to twenty four hours for clean ups time outs or for fun stuff too lol

Time Tracker  How much time have I got left? Help your child answer this and other common time related questions with this bright visual electronic timer and clock! The Time Tracker® is easily programmed so that coloured lights and unique sound effects alert them to the passage of time and time remaining.

Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock teaches children to manage time. Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock features 3 colored lights and 6 sound effects that are easy to program.

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Time Tracker Mini

Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini visual timer has 2 dials. Set one for the total alarm time and the other for warning time. Time can be set in 5 minute increments. Volume can be adjusted or turned off.