Pane Arabo is an Italian food recipe made with the same dough used to prepare pizza. Like in the image below is a sort of flat, unraised round focaccia bread which results for many people lighter than pizza or focaccia. Of course you need to be smart, to not over.

A simple recipe to explain how to prepare italian pane arabo at home. Pane arabo is a flat focaccia bread very famous in Italy, made with pizza dough.

Homemade Italian Flatbread (Piadina) with Cheese-Speck-Lonza Recipes

how to prepare piadina at home. Piadina is amazing plain or filled with any topic. Served cold or warm is irresistible. Kids and adults love piadina.

Day is all about moments more than chocolate and roses.My ideal romantic day would be to have a morning coffee with my husband :)

Day is all about moments more than chocolate and roses.My ideal romantic day would be to have a morning coffee with my husband :)

Baking essentials for simple recipes at home

baking essentials are basic basics for beginners to start baking easily at home

How to prepare one the most classic Italian pizza? This piazza is my idea. It is an oven-baked, flat, round bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings like salami and pecorino cheese. Pizza was originally invented in Naples, Italy, and the dish has since become popular in many parts of the world. Ingredients: shaved Pecorino cheese.

how to prepare pizza dough. Served with any topic, pizza is the perfect dish for any occasions. Everyone love pizza, especially kids.

Focaccia Bread Recipe

how to make a classic focaccia. Better known as focaccia alla genovese, which is a typical specialty of the ligurian kitchen.

Home-made Sweet Shortcrust Pastry (Pasta Frolla) Recipe

how to prepare Shortcrust Pastry. Shortcrust Pastry can be used in so many occasions: tarts, biscuits.

Homemade Biscuits Recipe

Biscuits are so soft and tasty that none can resist, especially kids. Served in many occasions, biscuits are easy to bake.

Homemade orange cake recipe

how to prepare an Orange Cake at home. Served to kids and families is perfect any time and in many occasions.

Nice vegetarian dish suitable for any occasion

You will use the whole courgette so you don't waste anything in the kitchen

Courgettes filled with minced beef

Courgettes filled with minced beef

How to prepare fish casserole easily at Christmas Eve? One last little posts before signing off from blog-land until New Year. A bit later than my usual posts, but today is Christmas day and yesterday I was visit my best friend and her kids, you can imagine that things are

how to prepare fish casserole at home. A cheap and easy recipe to serve on Xmas's eve. An healthy and tasty dish served with potatoes and black olives.

Homemade Coffee and Amaretto Cake Recipe

How to make a Coffee and Amaretto Cake.This cake is easy to prepare and delicious to the palate. The coffee flavour perfectly matched with amaretti flavour.

Homemade Ricotta Cheese Tart Recipe

how to prepare Ricotta Cheese Tart. Ricotta cheese is the secret ingredient for this tart.