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Christmas Freebie--Print and Go

Merry Christmas! This freebie includes:*Identifying Verbs*End Punctuation*Contractions*Missing Addends*Comparing Numbers*Addition with Regrouping*Subtraction with Regrouping*2-Step Word ProblemsYou may be interested in the following products:Winter Math PrintablesSpring Math PrintablesValentine's D...

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TAPE DIAGRAMS Multiplication and Division Problem Solving

Tape diagrams (bar models) are an excellent way to solve multiplication and division problems! This pack will help your students learn to analyze story problems, identify the operation needed, identify the question, use tape diagrams to model and solve, and interpret tape diagrams to write their own...

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Measurement Conversion Worksheet

Are you looking for a way to help your student practice and master measurement conversions? These Measurement Conversion Anchor Charts and Differentiated Activities are a perfect way to meet the needs of all learners...Customary and Metric Units included.This Measurement Conversions Practice Resourc...

Reading a Bar Graph: Number of Athletes | Worksheet |

In this sports-themed worksheet, children use a bar graph to answer six questions about the number of athletes playing at a time in a variety of sporting events.

2-Step Word Problems and Bar Models (solutions, examples, videos, homework, worksheets, lesson plans)

Bar models, tape diagrams, block diagrams, to solve 2-step word problems with examples and step by step solutions, Singapore Math

Introduction to The Bar Model (Strip Diagram) - Math Problem Solving Method bar model -- also known as a bar diagram, strip diagram, strip model, tape method, tape diagram...

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Part-Part-Whole with Addition and Subtraction | Tales from Outside the Classroom

Part-part-whole and its importance when teaching addition and subtraction- strategies, models, and resources to give students hands-on practice.

Strip Diagrams

This product includes 20 worksheets of various operations used with strip diagrams, 4 of which are blank templates of the various diagrams so that you can fill in whichever numbers/problems you want. This allows you to vary the skills being practiced (whole numbers, decimals, money, etc.), as well a...

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4th Grade Math Posters - Distance Learning

This product includes 51 math posters. Each provides an explanation and example of a key math concept. These posters serve as a great anchor to any lesson and are an excellent reference for students throughout the year. Posters are aligned to the 4th Grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, but ...

Introduction to Graphs: Bar Graphs | Worksheet |

This introduction to graphs will give your child extra practice reading, analyzing, and building bar graphs.

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Bar Model Basics

bar model

Free Printable WorksheetsMath FractionsGrade 3Third Grade

Algebraic Reasoning / FREE Printable Worksheets

Content filed under the Algebraic Reasoning category.

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Free numeracy resources for classrooms, teachers and parents. Included will be printable games and activities.

Multiplication Division Word Problems Worksheets Freebies Grade 3-4

Learn and Practice Solving Multiplication Division Word Problems with Bar Models/Tape DiagramsThere are a total of 6 exercises in this Freebies.The exercises in these worksheets are based onQ1 - Q2: Find the unknown group size or number of groups of equal groupsQ3 - Q4: Multiply or divide to solve m...

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems within 20

These Print and Go Math Sheets cover word problems within 20. These are a perfect addition to homework, center work, or reinforcing of skills.BUNDLED FOR CONVENIENCE❤️ YEAR BUNDLE NO PREP PRINT AND GO SAVE 25%❤️ UNIT 4 BUNDLE SAVE 20%.OTHER RESOURCES: If you are looking for other resources to help w...

Part-Part-Whole Digital Anchor Chart

Digital anchor chart that shows students when to add and when to subtract.