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Simply Elementary!: Math rotations ROCK!!!!

Fun in Fourth Grade: Math rotations ROCK! This is a great example of scheduling for guided math! If you look this picture over carefully, you are sure to find a new idea (or a lot of them!

aagh i love it :) Forensic Science - set up a crime scene fit for kids and they must use inference to figure out what happened!

set up a 'crime scene'-students draw inferences, writing project, and/or do some related forensic science experiments ~ love this idea. maybe not a crime scene for my kiddos but something similar

My pizza is... (Fractions)

The Fraction Pizza is an awesome way to differentiate when teaching fractions. Understand a fraction a/b with as a sum of fractions . Understand addition and subtraction of fractions as joining and separating parts referring to the same whole.

Fraction Activity/ fraction war

Use playing cards to play "Fraction War" - this is a great way to learn fractions! You can do so many things with a deck of cards including using them to teach fractions.

Fraction project! Learning and having fun doing it!

This could be a fun board to display student work during a fraction unit. Students get to create an ice cream sundae and then must describe it using fractions.