Anaïs Chareyre

Anaïs Chareyre

Dublin, Ireland / Don't mind me :)
Anaïs Chareyre
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Cold Mountain

It's still not the amazing concept art I want to create, but I'.

The Mantle

I wanted to do a bit of concept art, the subject came little by little.

Vine road in fog by Febo-theRealOne

Photographs are ©copyright Alen Ferina. You may NOT use, replicate, manipulate, or modify this image without my prior written permi. Vine road in fog

Meant to be together

Beren & Luthien from the Silmarilion, the most perfect love story. Meant to be together


Another pen drawing from my travel drawing pad.

To War

Quick doodle I had time to do this weekend, not much time to draw for myself (even though I do draw 10 hours a day at the moment!

La Memoire et la Mer

Damn Deviantart, I would really like to be able to include fadas on my titles! La Memoire et la Mer

World and Lovers

I love this long vertical canvas shape!Pen drawing and gradient map.