What’s Wrong With Humanity

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Syrian child refugee of war. We all love cute and pretty kids in a happy state , but this kid's childhood is not as happy and we have to work as a humanity to make sure that we reduce such occurrences. And as little as she has, she's willing to share. Syrian Children, Save The Children, Poor Children, Kids Around The World, We Are The World, Precious Children, Beautiful Children, Beautiful People, Mundo Cruel

I have seen SO MANY pictures of kids offering to share the very little they have with others!! They deserve far better than this

The pain one suffer through losing their child is the same everywhere. Peace On Earth, World Peace, Que Horror, Islam, Pregnant Wife, Apartheid, Evil People, Tabu, Three Year Olds

How anyone buys the "Palestinians are the evil ones who use their children as a human shield" excuse is beyond me. I can't imagine the excruciating pain this Father will forever feel after witnessing his pregnant Wife, unborn child and three year old Baby girl's brutal murders while half the world watches in silence and the other half cheers on Israel ✌