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Annie's Appetite: Making Gumpaste Baby Shoes Fondant Baby Shoes, Cake Topper Tutorial, Cake Toppers, Shoe Template, Dessert Decoration, Baby Sandals, Baby Shower Cakes, Baby Cakes, Fondant Figures

Making Gumpaste Baby Shoes

I had never used a paper cake decorating template from the internet before but when I saw this one for life-sized little girls' Mary Jane style shoes on the brilliant Cake Central site I knew I had to try it out for a special Christening cake I was making. I already have the Jem bootees cutter which gives a pretty good result but I think these take cuteness to a new level. The template is available here The base - this was cut out with a craft knife and left to harden slightly whilst the…

The Curry Chronicles: Part 2 - Easy Punjabi Chicken Curry Punjabi Chicken Curry, Garam Masala, Indian Food Recipes, How To Dry Basil, Irish, Herbs, Posts, Homemade, Eat

The Curry Chronicles: Part 2 - Easy Punjabi Chicken Curry

And so my adventures in curry continue (though they are not documented here as much as they should be, *slap on wrist). I adore Indian food and, earlier in the year, set myself the challenge of, if not mastering it, certainly improving my skills in that area. Since the beginning of the year, Dan Toombes aka The Curry Guy has come to be my curry guru and I have achieved excellent results from his restaurant style curry recipes namely his Saag, Bhuna and Dhansak and Monkfish curries which are…

Annie's Appetite: Edelwise Swiss Raclette and Fondue Restaurant, Ranelagh Fondue Restaurant, Irish, Posts, Cooking, Blog, Kitchen, Messages, Irish Language, Blogging

Edelwise Swiss 'Raclette and Fondue' Restaurant, Ranelagh

If it’s true that nine in ten new restaurants close in their first year of opening, the site of the newly opened Edelwise in Ranelagh village really seems to be a case in point. There was a noodle place here for what seemed like just a couple of months and the café before that didn’t seem to last much longer. Edelwise was a first for me, a Swiss "Raclette and Fondue” Restaurant. I think it might also be a first for Dublin? There was just one other table occupied when we arrived on a…

Annie's Appetite: The Unicorn, Merrion Row The Row, Irish, Unicorn, Posts, Eat, Cooking, Blog, Kitchen, Messages

The Unicorn, Merrion Row

I was so sad when Il Segreto on Merrion Row closed. It had been my 'go to' bistro style restaurant with excellent food, a relaxed atmosphere and super charming service. But I have good news, it's back in all but name on the site of the famous Unicorn just a few doors up. I had visited the Unicorn a couple of times in the past, never by choice though and only when someone else was paying and had found the food pretty uninspiring and eye-wateringly expensive. The old Il Segreto website now…

Peperina Bistro Garden, Dunville Avenue, Ranelagh Pub Food, Beef, Chicken, Cooking, Garden, Meat, Kitchen, Garten, Lawn And Garden

Annie's Appetite

A blog about eating and cooking

Annie's Appetite: Another wedding cake and a couple of late resolutions Resolutions, Irish, Wedding Cakes, Posts, Couples, Cooking, Desserts, Blog, Wedding Gown Cakes

Another wedding cake and a couple of late resolutions

I have been a very bad blogger(but I resolve to do better). Mine has been a winter filled with a few too many hearty dinners and so I am looking forward to the challenge of making some healthier choices for Spring (and documenting them on here). I made this wedding cake for my very good friend Anne for her New Years Eve wedding to the lovely Mike. I had planned on going to town and making something really big (5 or so tiers) but the practicalities of not having a car of my own at the moment…

Annie's Appetite: The TapHouse, Ranelagh Annie, Irish, Posts, Eat, Cooking, Blog, Kitchen, Messages, Irish Language

The TapHouse, Ranelagh

I was blown away by my first visit to the TapHouse a few weeks ago. On the site of the former 18 year old's mecca, Russells, in Ranelagh Village, it is now a much more inviting space with a heavy emphasis on craft beers and a vastly improved menu. Had I put this review up then it would have been flawless but my second visit, just a few days later was an altogether different and very much substandard experience. I wish I had comparison photos but I don't, only of the first visit which was…

Annie's Appetite: Making a Wedding Cake How To Make Wedding Cake, Vanilla Cake, Irish, Wedding Cakes, Posts, Eat, Cooking, Desserts, Blog

Making a Wedding Cake

I know that my friends and family's hearts will sink to see this post appear on their social media feeds. I know they are sick to the back teeth of hearing about this cake. But I promise this is the end of the wedding cake talk, until the next one at least! The Finished Product - slightly right of centre but standing! I had originally been building up to making a wedding cake for my friend Anne for her NYE wedding but when the lovely Patrea asked me about 6 weeks ago to make hers for 1…

Annie's Appetite: Review - Punjabi By Nature, Ranelagh Apple Pie, Irish, Posts, Eat, Cooking, Nature, Desserts, Blog, Kitchen

Review - Punjabi By Nature, Ranelagh

I adore Indian food and had paid a visit to The Punjab Balti in Ranelagh an average of about once a month since moving here almost seven years ago. It closed for several months during the summer and has reopened with a new name, new menu (complete with newly increased pricing) and a new look.I had been apprehensive about returning as, for me, it was perfect as it was but finally went for it last Sunday. My first impression was that the actual transformation inside doesn't really seem to have…

Annie's Appetite: Dining on P&O's Azura Irish, Posts, Dining, Cooking, Water, Blog, Pictures, Outdoor, Kitchen

Dining on P&O's Azura

I recently returned from a 7 day cruise to the Norwegian Fjords on P&O's Azura. And it was utterly amazing even if the food wasn't always. This was my first time on one of this company's ships and I hadn't been expecting a huge deal, it's title evoking images of crammed ferries and an altogether lower grade experience. I couldn't have been more wrong. The cabin, for a start, was by far the most spacious and comfortable of any ship I've been on (which are to date RCI's Oasis of the Seas…

Annie's Appetite: Pre Theatre@ Chapter One Chapter One, Theatre, Irish, Posts, Cooking, Desserts, Blog, Kitchen, Tailgate Desserts

Pre Theatre@ Chapter One

Photographing my food in restaurants these days is making me increasingly self conscious. Of course, I am not inconsiderate enough to use the flash but what seems to be the decreasing proximity between tables (or is that just me?) means that I'm often left with just one very hurried snap per course as was the case during my recent visit to the jewel in the crown of north-side dining, Chapter One. I had been to Chapter one on two previous occasions but never for the Pre-Theatre and had really…

Annie's Appetite: My Latest Cakes Irish, Birthday Cake, Posts, Cakes, Eat, Cooking, Desserts, Blog, Kitchen

My Latest Cakes

So, the latest on the cake front... I made this little cake for my friend Deirdre's hen party and miraculously got it to Killarney (almost) unscathed on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer. Being a prude, I was keen to stay away from 'willy' territory but wanted something suitably tacky so tried out this framed pink L Plate effect. Since the advice is not to put sugarpaste in the fridge, by the time it was cut (2 days later) it was pretty warm and the chocolate orange…

Annie's Appetite: The Rise of the Mini Food Snob Mini Foods, Irish, Posts, Cooking, Blog, Kitchen, Messages, Irish Language, Blogging

The Rise of the Mini Food Snob

The huge shift in recent years towards locally produced, fresh food and our ever-broadening desire for more exotic and exciting meals is, of course, to be welcomed. However, it has had one very unfortunate side effect, bringing with it the arrival of a new and insufferable breed of food snob feigning horror at the very thought of a ready meal. It genuinely scares me how much rubbish food I ate when I was young. Despite my mother's best efforts to feed us as well as she could afford to and…

Annie's Appetite: In Training For My First Wedding Cake Irish, Wedding Cakes, Training, Posts, Eat, Cooking, Desserts, Blog, Wedding Gown Cakes

In Training For My First Wedding Cake

I have always loved cake. As a child at family weddings, I was always eager to run ahead for a look at them (though the frilly 80s wasn't the most exciting time in cake-history) and I looked forward excitedly to see what mam had chosen for my birthday each year (invariably a plain cream sponge but I lived in hope that she might get me one of the lurid, fondant-iced Bart Simpson head cakes from the window of The Upper Crust on Main Street. Alas it was never to be *cue violins). Cake means…

Taste of Dublin earlier today Dublin, Irish, Posts, Eat, Cooking, Blog, Kitchen, Messages, Irish Language

Annie's Appetite

A blog about eating and cooking

Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream Chocolate Cupcakes, Nutella, Irish, Posts, Eat, Cooking, Desserts, Blog, Kitchen

Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream

Ah Nutella. Many's the over-heaped spoonful of your intense chocolatey goodness I stole and sucked on whilst watching Ray D'Arcy and the lads on The Den back in the early 90's. I still really like Nutella but don't buy it now for fear of being tempted to recreate my gluttonous post-primary school behaviour so when a jar found its way into the kitchen recently, I decided I'd better get rid of it. Fast. So these Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream were my attempt to get my Nutella-hit…