Turn Right in Ahmedabad

the amazing skill of Indian drivers who don't waste a millimetre of road space. Our motor-rickshaw driver, Salim, is a genius.

Udai Bilas. The new palace. Dungarpur

Mughal architecture mixes colour and light in a unique mixture of breathtaking beauty. The "new palace", Udai Bilas, at Dungarpur has an inner courtyard with.

Dungarpur Painted Palace

Another short clip of the old Painted Palace at Dungarpur, including a wall of Wedgewood "Willow Pattern" dinner plates.

The Marble Forest - Jain Temple Ranakpur

One minute look at the great Chaturmukha Jain Temple, Ranakpur, Rajasthan. 1444 carved pillars, four side temples surround the central shrine to the first Ja.

Carving the Goddess

Orissan stonecarvers carving white marble figures for a new Jain temple in Ahmedabad.

Mirror Floor Dungarpur

A very short clip. One of the secret rooms in the Old Palace, Dungarpur, has a floor of mirrors.

Jaywalking Ahmedabad

Jaywalking is a crime in some countries. In Ireland it's a habit. In India it's a survival skill.

The Steel Bow Fiddler of Jodhpur Fort

A group of Rajasthani musicians at the gate of Jodhpur Fort. The fiddler plays a typical stick fiddle with one horse-hair melody string, and 17 wire sympathe.

Dungarpur, Rajasthan,  India: The Painted Palace

One of the most magical places we visited. Off the usual tourist trail, an old palace, gloriously painted on every surface in glowing colours.


A timeless moment in India. A waterwheel, driven by two oxen, irrigating fields in Gujerat.

The Fiddler of Pushkar

A traditional Rajput "stick" fiddle maker and player. The bow hair and melody strings are made of horse hair. Bells on his bow provide percussion at the flic.