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Aonghus Naughton
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Alcohol under the microscope

"Vodka Tonic" by Lester Hutt – Alcoholic drinks under a microscope: Just like images of snowflakes, each drink is different – What you can see in the magnified pictures are the crystallized carbohydrates that have become sugars and glucose.

2 nikon small world 2017 finalist

Place: Bram van den Broek, Andriy Volkov, Kees Jalink, Nicole Schwarz and Reinhard Windoffer of the Netherlands Cancer Institute captured human skin cells expressing fluorescently tagged keratin.

Values: Depth, richness, respect, honour, creativity, intricacy.

Waking Life is an exploration of the chakras, alchemy, totemical and elemental symbology and the awakening of human consciousness. x length and width (standard)

every soul hears its own language. For every soul has its own word, as every soul has its peculiar evolution --- Hazrat Inayat Khan --- The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan: 14 volumes.


Chakra Being by deepvivid. The three spheres I see in this art beautifully reflect the three kabbalistic spheres of root energy, rising consciousness and total realisation.