World Nature Photography

Nature photos from Australia, Bali, Italy, & Ireland using an Olympus E-500, E-330, Yashica FXD, and Canon A1.
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Water Bird

Taken by the canals in Amsterdam .

Horses 3

Nature Photography

Contemplative Seagull

Nature Photography, Copper


Nature Photography, Melbourne

Amsterdam Stork

Stork, Ursula, Nature Photography, Amsterdam, Dutch, Netherlands, Holland, The Netherlands


Buildings reflected by the waters.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Nature Photography, Fish, Pisces

Pedestrian Gull

Pedestrian, Gull, Nature Photography

Black Swan

Black Swan, Nature Photography, Swans

Fire and Water

Nature Photography, Banana, Pompadour, Bananas

Sun Burst II

Nature Photography

Volcano 3

Nature Photography, Volcanoes, Volcano

Australian Shepard's Delight

Nature Photography, Exploring, Photographs, Study