Long Passage in a Building (Corridors)

Long Passage in a Building (Corridors)

Lada Riva ,Lada Nova

Lada Riva ,Lada Nova

Cloister -  A Covered Walk

A cloister is a covered walk, open gallery, or open arcade running along the walls of buildings and forming a quadrangle or garth. The attachment of a cloist.

Chimney - Ventilator for hot flue smoke

A chimney is a structure which provides ventilation for hot flue gases or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace to the outside atmosphere.

Ceiling - Overhead Interior Surface

A ceiling is an overhead interior surface that covers the upper limit of a room. It is not generally considered a structural element, but a finished surface .

Bell  - A simple sound making device.

A bell (old Saxon: bellan, to bawl or bellow) is a simple sound-making device. The bell is a percussion instrument and an idiophone. Its form is usually a ho.

Bas-Relief - Sculpture

Bas-relief is a type of sculpture that has less depth to the faces and figures than they actually have, when measured proportionately (to scale).

Balconies & Porches

A balcony is a platform projecting from the wall of a building, supported by columns or console brackets, and enclosed with a balustrade, usually above the g.

Arches - A Curved structure

An arch is a curved structure that spans a space and may or may not support weight above it. Arch may be synonymous with vault but vault may be distinguished.

Altar - Offerings Structure

An altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purposes, and by extension the 'Holy table' of post-reformation Angl.

Shed - Single-Storey Roofed Structure

A shed is typically a simple, single-storey roofed structure in a back garden or on an allotment that is used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop. Sheds v.

Brick Buildings

Brick Buildings


A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse, or, if with sufficient heating, a hothouse) is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, .

Barn and Farms

A barn is an agricultural building primarily located on farms and used for many purposes, notably for the housing of livestock and storage of crops.

Adobe Building

Adobe Building