Simple Yet Wonerfully Presented & Photographed Cuisine

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As I am a food photographer I am passionate about how the simple things done right and presented well and photographed with the right light and angle can create some amazingly desirable.
Good- the cones stand out against the darker background and the sprinkles across the ground make the photo seem real.

To me, this photo is good because of the contrast between the ice cream cones and the blurred background. It makes it easy to focus on the ice cream!


Photo (wonder / wander)

Food Nourriture 食べ物 еда Comida Cibo Art Photography Still Life Colors Textures Food Con Poulos

Pesto Prawn Pasta | natalie eng | patisserie • food photography

Pesto Prawn Pasta and a Lemon Meringue Tart

Pesto Prawn Pasta and a Lemon Meringue Tart Natalie Eng Pâtisserie & Food Photography

7 consejos para fotografiar pan. #pan #bread #foodphotography #fotografíaculinaria

7 consejos para fotografiar pan. #pan #bread #foodphotography #fotografíaculinaria

Gorgeous styling <3

Banana pecan bundt cake with chocolate Can't believe that I haven't baked for such a long time!

Finally a way to get soft boiled eggs vs raw &/or hardboiled.

simple soft-boiled egg

simple soft-boiled egg eggs big pot of water 1 tsp salt per 2 cups water bowl of ice and water method: bring a few cups of salted water per egg to a raging boil. gently drop eggs in, no more than 6 eggs at a time. set timer for 6 minutes.

Légumes oubliés, nappes fleuries, on attend l'été.  Via:

le goûter du mercredi

I must grow more of these carrots this year. Roasted Root Vegetables / La Tartine Groumande by dona

Beet Chips, gluten free

beet chips from la tartine gourmande