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John Moag Autolifers

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John Moag Autolifers

David Murphy

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David Murphy Fiona Wyse

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Angelo Di Massimo

AUTOLIFER | Angelo Di Massimo

Me and the 206, summer 2005, north of Italy Hello people, since you’re here on this page I assume you’d like to know one thing or two about my existence, unless you ended up here by mis…

Alex Gregory

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Alex Gregory Nick O'Connor

AUTOLIFER | Nick O’Connor

My name is Nick O’Connor and I’m delighted to be part of AutoLifers! Lets hope my time here can help make the team much stronger and help grow into something amazing together. I am an a…  Reinis Babrovskis

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Autolifers -Martin Cunningham

AUTOLIFER | Martin Cunningham

Hello fellow Autolifers. My name is Martin Cunningham. I’m only getting around to making my first post now. I’m here since the very start. A lot of you may know me from my own site

Autolifers -Chris Gray

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Autolifers -Chris Gray

Patrick McCullagh -Autolifers

AUTOLIFER | Patrick McCullagh

Well I thought it would be best to introduce myself to our readers and followers. I have always had a love of cars and pretty much anything automotive since I was a young boy. Probably my fondest m…