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All the basic Sacred Geometry Symbols. These symbols can be used as Sacred Geometry tattoo ideas. Created by Sacred Geometry artist Pardesco. Click the link to Learn more about each of these symbols on our website. Sacred Geometry Meanings, Sacred Geometry Patterns, Geometry Shape, Sacred Geometry Tattoo, Symbols And Meanings, Sacred Symbols, Mandala Symbols, Basic Geometry, Symbols Of Life

Sacred Geometry Symbols & Sacred Geometry Tattoo Ideas: The Basic Sacred Geometry Shapes

Sacred Geometry Shapes Sacred Geometry is often referred to as the “architecture of the universe”, it is found throughout the natural world. It is all around us and is one of the very few subjects that satisfy both the left brain and right brain hemispheres simultaneously. It satisfies the left brains desire for logical, sequential and objective data. It also satisfies the right brains desire for random, intuitive and subjective data. It is simply not possible to cover all aspects of sacred…

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The Secrets of Alchemy

This documentary is a great quick overview of the sacred secret science of Alchemy and its real unfolding. Although the voiceover is a little dry :/ the information is awesome. It highlights how Alchemy runs deep and rich throughout our history right back to Ancient Egyptian times. The universal truths found in the path of...

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Magic crests and symbols

Magical crests often are circular and filled with stars, words, or numbers. When you're in a world full of magic, you can summon beings or travel to other words using these magical crests. Check out these cool crests! *Please check with the creator before using their work as textures. Do not use them without permission.

‘Pagan Mandala’ by Occult Symbols, Magic Symbols, Symbols And Meanings, Moon Mandala, Mandala Art, Sacred Geometry Art, Magic Circle, Psychedelic Art, Book Of Shadows

‘Pagan Mandala’ by Sean1

"Pagan Mandala" von Sean1. A modern western Pagan mandala in black and white. Contains correlations of the elements, directions, tides of the day, tides of the moon, the zodiac, theseasons and sabbats, and a human life-span.

Benefits Of Performing – Standing Head To Knee Yoga Pose Vedic Mantras, Hindu Mantras, Feng Shui, Om Sign, Shri Yantra, Sigil Magic, Sanskrit Mantra, Hindu Rituals, Magic Squares

2019 Flying Star Feng Shui

2019: Year of the Earth Pig Auspicious Year for Love and Money When your house is aligned with the positive energy of the pre...

What Does Your Mayan Zodiac Sign Say About Your Personality Mayan Astrology, Mayan Zodiac, Astrology Zodiac, Aztec Symbols, Egyptian Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Ancient History, Mayan Tattoos, Mexican Art Tattoos

What The Mayan Zodiac Sign Say About Your Personality

Your Mayan zodiac sign can say a lot about your inherent personality and gives a peek into all those parts of you that you didn't even know existed.

“Awareness is the alchemy that transmutes fear to power, labor to laughter, and anger to love. Alchemy Symbols, Magic Symbols, Kopf Tattoo, Desenho Tattoo, Principles Of Art, Magic Circle, Book Of Shadows, Illuminated Manuscript, Geometric Art

What the heck is transmutation? - Steve Taubman

“Awareness is the alchemy that transmutes fear to power, labor to laughter, and anger to love.” -Dr. Steve Taubman I don’t usually take requests…but a wonderful and devoted fan of my work asked if I’d say a few words about my understanding of transmutation; a fascinating power we all possess yet seldom use. I jumped to the task, because this is a topic that lives at the core of my teachings. …Read More

 in the Bible Enoch was the sixth patriarch after Adam, and was taken to heaven, when 365 years old. Kabbalah states he was there transmuted into the Archangel Metatron. and so Metatron's Cube is Enoch's Cube Tantra, Yoga Symbole, Sacred Geometry Symbols, Platonic Solid, Crystal Grid, Flower Of Life, Book Of Shadows, Numerology, Magick

Black Cube Warning | Conspiracy Theories | Before It's News

I think it's obvious that the black cube has deep symbolic meaning at both ends of the spectrum of good and evil. Why is it almost always portrayed as a source of holiness in our religions, and as a source of evil in our movies? The Cube ship from the

Athanasius Kircher, Turris Babel, sive Archontologia qua Primo Priscorum post diluvium hominum vita, mores rerumque gestarum magnitudo Alchemy, Labyrinth Maze, Labyrinth Garden, Maze Book, Labrynth, Creta, Ancient Art, Sacred Geometry, Occult

labyrinths: the art of the maze - a book by franco maria ricci

very rarely does the shortest way lead directly to the goal: we need to patiently undergo the complications of the world, of which labyrinths are a reflection.

Isoteric symbology - Image from 'Hermetischer Probier Stein.' (Hermetic Touchstone) by Oswald Croll (Kroll or Crollius) Occult Symbols, Occult Art, Shaman Symbols, Art Ancien, Esoteric Art, Mystique, Book Of Shadows, Sacred Geometry, Geometry Art

Vintage Infodesign [38] - Visualoop

This post is brought to you by Infographic World. For this week Vintage InfoDesign we won’t start with beautiful maps or amazing hand-drawn diagrams. Instead, the first picks go to a 1953 cook book, Edison Electric Institute’s New Cook’s Cookbook. This red plaid cookbook featured more than 1,000 recipes for appetizers, candy, canning, jiffy …

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The Fibonacci Numbers and the Platonic Solids

As we mentioned within the previous post,the 24 reduced Fibonacci numbers when placed around a circle, visibly generate the form of the 5 Platonic solids. This time around,we are going to look clos…

The Teleportation Arrays by themrparticleman on DeviantArt Occult Symbols, Magic Symbols, Occult Art, Ancient Symbols, Magick Book, Wiccan Spells, Magia Elemental, Sacred Geometry Symbols, Element Symbols

Alchemy Tutorial: Array Elements/Symbols by themrparticleman on DeviantArt

here is my second official tutorial, which though basic in content, should give a general understanding of the involved concepts. also, all arrays featu... Alchemy Tutorial: Array Elements/Symbols

The best looking Flat Earth Gleason Map out there. Created by Alexander Gleason in 1892 alongside his book "is the bible from heaven?" Restored map that looks quality in a frame. A great conversation starter. Terre Plate, Research Flat Earth, Flat Earth Proof, Flat Earth Facts, Flat Earth Movement, Earth Memes, Earth Poster, Flat Earth Society, We Are The World

Flat Earth Gleason Map RESTORED EDITION old map large map | Etsy

Alex Gleason New Standard Map of the World. RESTORED EDITION!! This is a reworking of the classic Flat Earth Map by Alexander Gleason. It has been brightened up with a papyrus backdrop and many elements removed or cleaned up. Alex Gleason refers to his map in his book "Is the Bible from Heaven? Is the Earth a Globe?" which you can find for free online. ▶ FRAME NOT INCLUDED • 33.1 X 23.4"(A1) or 23.4 X 16.5" (A2) poster ready for framing (UK standard sizes) Also available in 24 x 18…