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Making a standard solution for volumetric analysis

Making a standard solution for volumetric analysis

A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet: Can Your Students Spot Fake News? Here are 70 Links to Help

Fake news or real news? 10 tips to getting the facts for yourself [infographic] - I read a good article today on NPR’s All Tech Considered and I quickly put together this infographic based on the article.

Scientific Method Experiments

Describes basic experiments you can perform in class to illustrate the scientific method, such as comparing the amount of stuffing in oreo cookies.

Acids and Alkalis - The pH Scale

pH Scale - pH is temperature dependent. Strictly speaking, pure water only has a pH of 7 at ‘room temperature’ Above and below this temperature, it can vary: for example, at the pH of pure water is whilst at it’s

redox reaction organic | Half-cell reaction, somehow showing the oxidation provides

Redox Reaction Example Redox Oxidation Reduction Reactions Definitions And Examples, Tang 02 Balancing Redox Reactions Redox,