Taming of the Shrew

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Grade 12 English creative assignment for Shakespeare's play Taming of the Shrew

Brianna Gregorio
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The lion signifies Katherine very well because it is an animal that people commonly try to tame and Katherine is a person that Petruchio is trying to tame. The lion in this picture is snarling to symbolize Katherine's anger at Petruchio's attempts to tame her. It also shows her personality in general, how she is characterized as a rude and shrewish person.

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This quote symbolizes Katherine's personality because she knows that she is very harsh with her words but she does not hold back. She will tell people what she thinks when she thinks it and she believes that they just need to deal with it. She will not be silenced. In her life, her words are the only things she has complete control over, so she uses them whenever she can. This quote reminds me of Katherine's line in Act 4 Scene 3 lines 80-85

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This post sums up Petruchio's personality very well. He goes to the town looking for a bride with a large dowry. Hortensio tells him about Katherine but tries to dissuade him from marrying her because no amount of money in the world would make marrying her worth it. Petruchio then tells him, "Thou know'st not gold's effect," which would be the equivalent to saying this quote (I.ii.94).

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The first time Lucentio saw Bianca, he told Tranio about how much he loved her. For Lucentio, as well as many other characters in Shakespearean plays, once he saw Bianca there was no turning back. He was in love with her and he would stop at nothing to get her.

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The drama masks represents how the group of actors puts on a play for Christopher Sly to convince him that he is a lord so that the actual lord could have some fun joking around.

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At the beginning of their relationship, Katherine and Petruchio do not get along at all. Petruchio uses psychological and emotional abuse to "tame" Katherine and he withholds food from her unless she agrees with him. Their first meeting consisted of a lot of disagreements between the couple.

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Katherine is a wasp and her tongue is her stinger. Her shrewish nature is very similar to that of the wasp. Petruchio calls Katherine a wasp first, and the couple continues the metaphor in a short argument. See Act 2 Scene 1 Lines 226-231.

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This symbolizes Katherine's speech about her husband being her lord at the end of the play. I think that the speech shows that Katherine has in fact fallen in love with Petruchio. This picture depicts the lion (Katherine) kissing the tamer (Petruchio) which symbolizes love.

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This represents Bianca. She is described to be beautiful and delicate and that is why Lucentio falls in love with her when he first sees her.

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When Petruchio was going to marry Katherine, he wore a crazy outfit that did not match and made him look silly. Baptista and Katherine did not like it because it made him seem like he did not take the marriage seriously. On the contrary, Petruchio simply did not care what others think of him.

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The Russian Nesting Doll is a large doll that has a bunch of smaller dolls within it. This represents the play because it is a story about a play that is performed within a play. The Christopher Sly storyline is like the larger outer doll and the Katherine and Bianca storyline is the smaller inside doll.

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Christopher Sly's character at the beginning of the play is a drunk man who falls asleep and when he wakes up people convince him that he is a lord

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Lucentio falls in love with Bianca from the first moment that he meets her and spends the rest of the play in an attempt to court and marry her.

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By the end of the play, Katherine has gone from hating Petruchio to falling in love with him. This is evident in the way that she stops resisting him and starts to actually enjoy herself when the two are together. She seems to get happier and less shrewish. Katherine expected to continue hating Petruchio and being a shrew for the rest of her life, but obviously the opposite happened.

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This represents Katherine. She is described as shrewish and less desirable than her sister, Bianca.