Free Word Search Creation Tool for Teachers

Free interactive wordsearch creation tool from teachers-direct Wow - just the right thing for making kc word searches :)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (retold by Megan Bender)

Free online Virtual books, with highlighted words read aloud by a human voice. Limited yet growing selection of free books, large selection of paid books.

The Little Red Hen (An Old Folk Tale)

The Little Red Hen (An Old Folk Tale) on MeeGenius, a site that has free and paid ebooks for kids (classic and new). Automatic word highlighting accompanies the audio narration of each book.

A dogs life

Buscador de recursos: free online English games, songs, stories and activities, worksheets

Rufus Rooaar! (James Novy)

(James Novy) 6 available online including 3 little pigs, Oz, Pajama Girl

Pajama Girl (Sarah Perry)

MeeGenius provides free and subscription books that work across computer platforms.

Phonics Stories app

Watch and listen to short stories in English to improve your vocabulary and speaking skills

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