A bathroom situated on top of a 15-story elevator shaft

Bathroom with glass floor, overlooking a 15 story elevator shaft. Bathroom with glass floor, overlooking a 15 story elevator shaft.

Leaf Tie Cable Organisers by Lufdesign

feelgift posted Leaf Tie Cable Organizer to their -Room Decor- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.


Wooden composition by students at the Dept. of Architecture at the ETH Zurich under the guide of Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler

Pendant Lamp Shade Handmade in Recycled Pallet Wood

the packaging is the goodies // Recycled Wooden Pallet Hanging Lamp Shade

Lamps Made from Sawmill Waste and Tree Branches Embedded with Resin and LEDs

What's more exciting about these lamps is that they are embedded with resin and LEDs. Italian designer Marco Stefanelli created his Brecce collection by utilizing sawmill scraps, tree branches, and.

DELTA lamp 2 - thibautmalet

This is a new lamp concept by Malet Thibaut named SÖHKA. It composed of 5 pieces of wood and 60 elastics. The elastics used to hold the wood frame and act as a shade. No screw or glue needed.


Nanimarquina Flying Carpet Rug by Nani Marquina. The Flying Carpet Rug by Nanimarquina is beautiful on its own, but when combined with the wedge it is a.


A designer table that's simple, sustainable, affordable, +Table Series by Fraaiheid is constructed from a single sheet of plywood, with laminated top in a choice of colours.


Israel: designer Chanan de Lange exhibits two circular library bookshelves made from recycled school desks at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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