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London Herald: The Wall Street Crash! (Friday,October 25,1929)

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 (October also known as the Great Crash, and the Stock Market Crash of was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States, and signaled the beginning of the 10 - year Great Depression.

What You Need to Know About the Treaty That Ended WWI: British Prime Minister David Lloyd George (left), French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau (center), and American President Woodrow Wilson (right) on their way to the Versailles Peace Conference.

The Versailles Treaty was the controversial peace settlement between Germany and the Allied Powers that officially ended World War I.

Many believe that Christopher Columbus was the first to sail the open ocean and reach the Americas. What it not known are the numerous others who had already sailed the journey West, and those who sailed East. The Chinese once had a great fleet that was much larger than those of Europe, not just in the amount of ships, but the size as well. But with Columbus the world started its age of exploration more extensively.

Here's an interesting way to teach history--with infographics! A previous pinner writes: "Life was pretty difficult for a sailor in the age of exploration, and every day was filled with hard work, and back breaking labour.

History is...  I created this to go into my students social studies binders.  I was looking for a good, but simplistic, way to explain what history is and why they should care.  The picture is not great, but I used bright colors and  different fonts to make the poster pop. I will also display a copy, with a bright colored mat around it, on one of my bulletin boards.

History is. a teacher created this to go into students' social studies binders. (The teacher) was looking for a good, but simplistic, way to explain what history is and why they should care.

For my History Class. This would be great  Modified to say, I want YOU to put away your cell phone (since sometimes we use them)

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