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beef stroganoff

Incorporating meat in our diet is very beneficial, especially beef. Beef meats contain a lot of nutrients that is beneficial to human nutrition and is critical to maintenance key and development.


Light and luscious chocolate mousse to make the perfect dreamy delight.

chicken cashew

It's Fake Away time! Whip up this Chicken and Cashew Stir-Fry is a flash and you will enjoy a sensational, healthy dinner. Get the recipe here!

pears royale

These deep burgundy pears take on their rich hue from poaching in a bit of cassis (black currant liqueur) and red wine.

kiwi and watermelon ice pop

Watermelon and Kiwi Ice Pops - Unislim


Get a slimmer figure while satisfying your stomach with these 5 broccoli recipes.

spice bag

Try Unislim’s healthy take on the Chinese take out favourite, the infamous Spice Bag for only 1 yum per serving. Our recipes pack delicious flavours into delicious, Unislim-friendly meals.