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Here are 16 rainbow cake recipes and tutorial .These Rainbow cake ideas are so creative ! The colorful cakes would surely be a huge hit at any birthday party! It is ideal for a child's birthday party, or any time you want to make a big impression.

Color Changing Cake IS About To Be The Biggest Baking Sensation Ever

Full-spectrum "fabulous" is the order of the day when you serve this treat at a kid's birthday or half birthday celebration. The colorful cake is a snap to pull together with Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist® vanilla cake mix and gel food coloring.

Does it look like cheese cake to you? But it's not cheese cake. It is marshmallow cake. I first had a taste of this cake from my hubby's fri.

Jelly Cake ~ great idea for dairy free / gluten free kids! Use diet jelly for low/no sugar option too!