Combining the sleek and modern with ancient beauty, Milan has taken steps to establish itself as a current and vibrant place to be. Creative, contemporary architecture sits side by side with relics of former glory. Famous throughout the world as both Italy’s financial centre and its fashion capital -
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The world’s first vertical forest - Bosco Verticale - soon to become part of Milan's landscape

‘Bosco Verticale’ (Vertical Forest) by Boeristudio architects (Stefano Boeri): a vertical forest that will feature 900 trees, shrubs & plants— on the balconies of two residential towers in Milan, Italy.

One Night in Milan

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Milan also plays host to a famous inter-city rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan, who both call the Stadio San Siro home

Boninsegna, Inter Milan v. Zecchini, AC Milan [look at them shorts, Mm!

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Not all great inventors were accused of heresy, and certainly not all heretics were endowed with exceptional creative capacity; however, there is definitely something to be said for thinking outside the confines of accepted dogma.