Cocoon Kimmage

Cocoon Kimmage

Cocoon Kimmage
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simple sensory activites for calm down time.  Maybe a different one each day or a different one each night.

A good home for random Playmobile pieces! - 8 Sensory Activities for Kids to Fill the Witching Hour - Wheat berry play

Marleigh and I did this last year for Daddy! Used this idea to make two valentine crafts/gifts. I used a paintbrush to put the paint on the feet first. Footprint Heart Valentine's Day Keepsake Grandparents Gift for Valentines Day.

(For B)  Footprint art, sweet idea to keep those little kiddies busy on rainy spring days

People told me ladybug is for good luck and I’ve been believing in that ever since. I can never have enough of ladybugs in my art or crafts. Thanx to Handprint and Footprint Arts, let’s…