Rebecca Connolly

Rebecca Connolly

Rebecca Connolly
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Mozzarella Cheese Balls

Mozzarella Bites - Dip mozzarella balls in flour, then egg, then crumbs mixed with some Italian seasoning. Cook in deep fryer for 1 min. Best mozzarella bites I've ever had.

Awesome Child’s Popcorn Halloween Costume… Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

This Halloween costume’s journey started with a moving box, duck tape and popcorn. This is probably one of the easiest but coolest costumes to make!

Homemade Zom-Bee Costume… Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

My costume was inspired by a submission I saw on this website. I used black elastic and tied black and yellow strips of tulle to create the…

Coolest Homemade Gumball Machine Costume… Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

I love to make my own costumes, I think its much funner than those boring store-bought costumes. And now that I've made a few creative costumes on my .

80's cake

Now this is what I want! Why does every cake on here have Pacman? There was SO much more to the than Pacman!