Danielle Delaney

Danielle Delaney

Cork, Ireland / The girl also known as Cameraface! Slight issues with abbreviated spellings, LOL makes me die inside, not quite sure if this is the place for me, but let's gi..
Danielle Delaney
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Officefordesign : W-box, a wooden box modular system with a style that goes back to the fifties. just like the others except they kept the original colors of all the mixed up boxes and drawers and shelves!

yes. yes. yes.

"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." & Jorge Luis Borges & Borges Library Bag, from The Literary Gift Company & & love thisss!

This is what we're doing!!

YES YEA YES! Let's live the life like this! Situations come and go. Use them as building blocks and learning tools for your ultimate life as of now.