Pantheon, Roma.... Where Michelanglo said was made by angels not men!
London: When one tires of London one tires of life ......
Cinque Terra, Italy
2013 "Carnival of Venice" will be held from the 2th to the February 12th.
Great Wall of China
Magestic Creature @ the Forbidden City, Beijing
Divine detail from Forbidden City
Welcome to the Great Wall of China
First Mountain on our Great Wall of China hike
Making it to The Great Wall of China

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Wow, what a beautiful place.. like from a book...My imagination can't help but wonder what the picture is not showing.
Broa Bora
Amalfi Coast,  Provence of Salerno, Italy.
Bora, Bora!  I'm thinking sometime come January or February around here :) hahahaha
Located in Terrasini, Sicily, Città del Mare Resort is a holiday complex situated in the Northern tip of the magnificent gulf of Castellammare. There are plenty of other pools at the resort to enjoy, including an Olympic size pool, the small Lago dei Fiori salt water pool with magnificent views of the Gulf, a whirlpool and of course spas.
What a beutiful place!!!    Liguria, Italy...    Visit our breathtaking page>> Subconscious Dreams
Beautiful Santorini, Greece
Santorini - Greece