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I love Yeol with Matchsticks... it's like my favourite Aesthetic!

besternatexo: ““Hot Summer ” I was inspired by Chanyeol’s cotton candy hair and this photo of Alexander Ferrario by Hadar Pitchon.

I always have to do the talking even though I don't want to do shit. I just want to sleep

I always have to do the talking even though all my friends know I'm the quietest. I swear they're always so loud but when it comes stuff like talking to older people they don't know they get all hey it really baffles me.

I really feel worse << kill me now I'm not kawaii enough for the world <<< haha I hope I can find someone as cute as this squishy bean!

Please, give Lay all the flowers! And the baek x Kai moment

And baekhyun why does it look like BaekXing moment and not KaiBaek to me .😳Omg I love BaekXing sooo muchhhhh😘😘😘