DSPCA Ireland

DSPCA Ireland

Dublin, Ireland / The DSPCA is a registered charity, established in 1840 to prevent cruelty to animals and is now Ireland's largest animal welfare organisation. Check our websit
DSPCA Ireland
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DSPCA logo designed by Mesh Design, Dublin

More cat-centric interior design

Cat-friendly house design from Japan. I am a cat lover and have 2 gorgeous cats, so I'm biased lol. I love this open concept cat-friendly house.


{cat House} A Cat's Wildest Dreams Come True. This is also a Crazy Cat Lady's Wildest dream come true. I want things like this for the cats.

Our Shelter

Our Rescue, Rehabilitation & Adoption Shelter

dog trundle bed... such a good idea to keep the numerous dog beds, blankets, and pillows tucked away...

Dog trundle bed… Slide it under the bed during the day and bring it out at night. Dog trundle bed… Slide it under the bed during the day and…

Knit a cupcake for your pet's birthday.

These are fun cupcakes to make. From Knit for Your Life: Floofy Cupcakes - Free Pattern!

make a squeaky pet toy

In less than two weeks, Sebastian has managed to completely destroy two adorable stuffed toys. I realized that I just don’t have the funding to keep buying