Coolamari Ice Cube Tray

With eight arms, it's fascinating to look at and kids are the biggest fans of these little ice creatures

Hip Hop Ice Tray

Hip Hopsicles Ice Cube Tray-Do you love your music more than anything else? Do you live, breath, eat, and drink Hip Hop? These Hip Hop Ice Cubes are perfect for all music moguls and fans alike.

Cash Bills Ice Cubes

Fool everyone into thinking you're as rich as the President when you leave dollar bills floating around in their drinks. However, these won't make their drinks taste like money

Gin&Titonic Ice Tray

Fred and Friends Gin & Titonic Ice Cube Tray.

Dinosaur Bones Ice Cubes

Add some prehistoric chills to your drink with this triceratops fossil ice tray! Silicone material for easy removal. You could try using it for jello or even chocolate!

Tyrannosaur Bones Ice Tray

When your drink is getting much too modern for you to handle, you can take it back to the Dinosaur Age by adding one of these dinosaurs

Tetris Ice Cubes

Perfect for parties with kids of all ages, the purple Tetris Ice Tray is made of flexible plastic which allows for the easy removal of frozen ice cubes

Russian Vodka Bottles Ice Cubes

An absolute gem amongst ice cube trays, spice up your Mazzy K Cosmos with vodka-bottle shaped ice cubes. Ice is nice for cool party goers

Frozen Smiles Ice Tray

This isn't your grandpa's ice tray - though the ice do look suspiciously like a set of his dentures! Well, freeze up a batch of Frozen Smiles ice cubes and serve them to your party guests . and watch them smile!