Mustache Plasters

With four different styles of moustache in each tin of fifteen latex-free plasters, your child can choose his or her favourite whenever those unfortunate bruises and grazes come along

Pickles Plasters

Their incredible healing properties, along with the free prize which comes with every pack, will have the injured soldier back onto their feet in no time

Unicorn Plasters

Everybody knows that unicorns are magic, so if you get any cuts and bruises, these enchanting creatures will quickly heal any pain you might be feeling

Kiss Plasters

These plasters are perfectly safe for all varieties of wounds since they’re made from latex-free material, and with four different colours, you can have a different one for each type of cut

Crime Scene Plasters

Stop your kids from crying uncontrollably with these new fun crime scene plasters. Nobody will dare to come near to the scene of the crime now that they have one of these bright yellow stickers plastered

Bacon Plasters

For everyday accidents and minor scrapes it's handy to have Bacon Plasters in your kitchen drawer

Pirate Plasters

Covered in skulls and perfect for any budding pirate, these plasters will quickly take any young mind off the pain of the latest cuts, grazes and bruises