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People who are responsible for this are COWARDS!

I'm gonna cry😭😭😢😢! This is so sad a I am against dog fighting and the breed doesn't matter wether it be pit bull or boxer. I love all dogs big and small so dog fighting is not part of my life.

Mythology, Goddesses, Legends, Fairies

The only thing I don't lie about this is the nail polish comment, that just seems to ruin the post all together. Also, do not confuse that this is saying girls are stronger than boys, strength differs strictly by person and not gender.

Tell me again that we don't live in a rape culture?!

Feminists actually defending a male rape victim? So much for the Men's Right's Activists stopping female rapists.<<<< the truth is if a feminist dosent treat a male rape victim the same as a female one they aren't being feministic

#BreakTheSilence Rally to Improve Birth this Labor Day www.improvingbirth.org

Improving Birth I've seen this all too often. You think you had an "emergency" c-section? Check your medical record. Half the time, it'll say "elective". You have the right to truly understand what happened during your labor/birth.