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Me performing or working at club nights and festivals in mainly Amsterdam

Elio Heres
<p>I had to perform at the Milkshake Festival last Sunday. It was so hysterical that I had to recover Monday and Tuesday morning. I had such a blast with Jet van Dijk at her stand which was called the ‘Vagina sowing stand’! To top that, my look was with a vagina on my head. …</p>

MILKSHAKE Festival 2014

Fashion is buried and Anti Fashion Party has risen from it’s grave and throws the biggest and baddest Anti Fashion Party ever on the 11th of July!!! Anti Fashion Party is the best party in the world and is always different than most other parties. Anti Fashion Party is organized …

ANTI FASHION PARTY #16 Fashion Funeral

  There is an award show for people who work in and live for the nightlife in Amsterdam (and festivals throughout the Netherlands). There is an new award this year, the award for the Absolutely Fabulous Kabouter (‘extravagante nachtvlinder’ which translates into extravagant moth). This category is added because (my) … Absolutely Fabulous, Nightlife, Festivals, Moth, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Live, People, Holland
Absolutely FabulousNightlifeMothLive

Gouden Kabouter Awards 2014

  Allthough I’m still recovering from an amazing weekend, I had to sit down and write you babies about it. Bungalup only comes once a year and I was sure to let everybody know by screaming it out loud! Maybe I shouldn’t have screamed so hard because it bit me … Out Loud, Nightlife, Amsterdam, Babies, Let It Be, Amazing, Babys, Newborns, Infants
NightlifeLet It BeAmazingInfants

Bungalup 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful time during NYE. This year will be even better than last year, I can feel it in my guts. Hopefully you’ll keep reading my blog in 2014 and keep enjoying it. I hope to welcome even more readers and grow …

Manifesto présente Magnifïesto 2013

Performing at Speedfreax Nightlife, Amsterdam, Popular, Lifestyle, Gallery, Music, Poetry, Fashion, Musica

Speedfreax is back!

Performing at Speedfreax Nightlife, Amsterdam, Popular, Lifestyle, Gallery, Music, Poetry, Fashion, Musica

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Performing at Speedfreax! Nightlife, Amsterdam, Concert, Recital, Concerts

I& so sorry that you haven& heard from me for a while. I& had some busy weeks. But filled with nice things do. First let me tell you about Solar Festival Solar festival is a three day somewhat hippie, laid back and &

Solar Festival 2013

Elio's ADE what to do list

Elio's ADE what to do list

The meaning of Nightlife So Creative, Nightlife, Amsterdam, Meant To Be, Weird, Halloween Face Makeup, Rest, Told You So, Parties
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