Software Testing Webinars

A collection of webinars on a variety of software testing topics from leading industry experts
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"Moving into the Cloud? Make sure your test approach is cloud proof!" with Ruud Teunissen

Ruud Teunissen shares with you an experience based approach for testing cloud services, and helps you find out how to link cloud related risks inventively to new…

Moving to weekly releases - a journey

This is "Moving to weekly releases - a journey" by EuroSTAR Conferences on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Four Crucial Tips for Automating Your Web Tests with Jim Holmes

Functional testing your web applications can be extraordinarily frustrating.

"The Mind Set Change for an Agile Tester" with Janet Gregory

Janet talks about some of the ways to change a tester's mindset from "How can I break the software?" to "How can I help deliver software successfully?

"Coaching for Software Testers" with Anne-Marie Charrett

In English, the verb "to know" can mean one of two things. You can know a fact or you can be in a relationship with a person or a thing. I know March

"Keys for Transitioning from Traditional to Agile Testing" with Bob Galen

It's fairly hard to know what solid testing is all about within agile teams. What traditional practices are fine to continue, which ones need modification,…

"Stop the rot: Banishing Flakiness from Selenium Tests" with Simon Stewart

It's a fact of life that end to end tests using Selenium are often flaky. This presentation will cover some of the tactics and…

"Intelligent Mistakes in Test Automation" with Dorothy Graham

Many people make mistakes in test automation based on good intentions but flawed knowledge. In this webinar we will look at four: Automation should find bugs, Test…

"Lessons Learned from Many years of Managing Testing" with Johanna Rothman

I first became a tester in because I was "too stupid to be a developer" according to one of my interviewers. In I first started managing a…

"Things Could Get Worse  Ideas About Regression Testing" with Michael Bolton

"Things Could Get Worse Ideas About Regression Testing" with Michael Bolton