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Yarn and wool images. Knit, crocheted, needlepoint, quilted, sewn, embroidered, and stitched inspiration.
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3D Leaf Stitch Tutorial

3D Leaf Stitch Tutorial

Crochet Fox Ear Headband Free Pattern

10+ Crochet Fox Patterns - Page 2 of 2

Crochet Fox Ear Headband Free Pattern

Crochet Me Lovely

Street crochet in Coimbra, Portugal. via Decorialab Knitwear Studio

DIY 3D Printing: DIY Spinning Wheel Made On a 3D Printer

Peter Kobrin design and printed a spinning wheel for his wife. Spinning wheel was used to make yarn or thread from fiber (like raw wool).

This charming yarn bowl comes to life with the cartoon-inspired features of a rotund sheep.

Sherman the Sheep Yarn Bowl

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