1950s Fashion for Women: Get the Look Guide #1950sfashion

What Did Women Wear in the 1950s?

Super Secret button for my cuties!♡  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJogm9estiO7rD9MDyNiMMg

sweet dress modeled by Gretchen Harris- total inspiration for some of the neckline trends seen currently

I wish you could still buy packaged wardrobes like in the #50s. Adorable!

Vintage Fashion: Tuppence Ha'penny - Travelling Light - Weekend Wardrobes 4 piece sets ( 4 pieces make 4 different outfits)

Givenchy worn by Suzy Parker - Orlon 1954        Vogue - 1950s Fashion        Vintage Knitting by Columbia        Vogue - 1955      1951 -...

Does running away from responsibility count as exercise? If so, I work out AT LEAST twice a week!

1950s fashions - need to make

Girls picnic (blouse/pedal pushers combo)- center option: yes, other two options: no because the pants are full-length and have sleeved blouses

This is super cute. I love the off the shoulder/boat neck top, and the pop of color in the skirt. More

La jupe évasée

I ❤️ this Vintage Fashion with a French Riviera feel.navy stripe top and red flowing skirt. Look forward to being skinny again & wear this outfit.