Extinguished Candle Tattoo Sleeve

The smoking candle in the Extinguished Candle Tattoo Sleeve by Javier Antunez is like an extinguished life. Very sad tattoo idea.

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Borne the flower of love . from the flame of lust . which cannot be extinguished ~ Dorianna shattered-dreams-broken-heart: ღஐღthis Smokey rose would be an awesome tat

candle tattoo

Tattoo art isn't just an impressive way to embellish your body but also something which helps you express your feelings and disposition.

WEBSTA @ j00lie - Burning the candle at both ends..but ironically a slow day!

Instagram Post by Julie Bauschardt (@j00lie)

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Image result for candle tattoo

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Handpoke tattoo artist, Cate Webb illustrates beautiful esoteric-inspired design on skin with simple, neat linework.