Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry " you've got to ask yourself one question - do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk!" Enough said.

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Clint Eastwood, 1962: why couldn't I have known him in 1962!?

Clint Eastwood, 1962

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Young Clint Eastwood

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Clint Eastwood's son looks just like him/This just nearly kills me.

Scott Eastwood looks — and acts — like his dad

Scott Eastwood, right, and his famous dad Clint Eastwood (Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic)-Wow, like father, like son.

Clint Eastwood...ok in the words of the young he definitely had SWAG!!

Handsome, talented and coordinated, a young Clint Eastwood skateboards down the streets of Rome in To this day, he’s always had a reputation of working hard and playing hard.

Clint Eastwood- possibly the most handsome man who ever walked the earth!

Clint Eastwood- possibly the most handsome man who ever walked the earth!

En el set de rodaje de "Rawhide", serie televisiva emitida en Estados Unidos entre 1959 y 1965.

Clint Eastwood photographed on the set of Rawhide, c. THE MAN! Had a crush on him when I was a girl.Rawhide was my favorite show.

EASTWOOD  A powerful photo here of Clint Eastwood. Even in his older years he can carry his Dirty Harry image.

Fine Art Portraits like to go to the other extreme. Portraits of older actors, and most notably Clint Eastwood, have portraits taken in black and white which accentuate the lines and blemishes and harsh effects of being alive for a long time.