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Quotes to Live By

Quotes to live by. Creativity takes courage - Henri Matisse Inspirational Quotes, art quotes

Watercolor hand lettered quote by Gillian Tracey

10 Practices to Help Overcome a Creative Block

Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.

Live Creatively Quote

18 Creativity Quotes - Inspirational Quotes to Live By for All Ages

Or disciplined ear for that matter! "Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye." -- Dorothy Parker.

80 Genius Design Quotes and Sayings

"Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. Wisdom from Start Book by Jon Acuff quotes about life

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The 18 Most Innovative Cities On Earth

"To live a creative life, we must lose fear of being wrong" -Joseph Chilton Pearce

Inspirational quotes for designers and other creatives. I want to print this as a #poster and hang it in my office!

CYOP #17 - Operating From a Place of Kindness with Singer/Songwriter Autumn Sky Hall

Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. #quotes

Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money,...