Free Printable Toddler Daily Day Care Report...I like this one, minus the parent part.  I don't really know if we need that and have parents who would not fill it out.  Maybe the new parents that are use to filling it out in FS...what do you think?

Toddler Day Care Report

This free printable toddler daily day care report is for use by day cares, preschools, and in-home day care providers to track and organize child activities, events, meals and progress. The form provides a daily…

idecor8walls, Day Care Centre Reading Room

I think a 'cozy corner' that encourages a positive physical environment to read in not only is a special place students can go to do so, but it also encourages reading.

home day care setup and great sample forms

Running your own home daycare is a job like no other. Sure, a web developer or accountant that telecommutes will need a dedi…

Great list of things to think about if you want to start a child care center or day care

All about teaching preschool! Great ideas for preschool activities, standards-based curriculum, preschool assessments, and documentation.

I'm so doing this, what a great idea!  from Puzzles Family Daycare, oh how I wish we had a place like this for my girls.

This farm playscape can be easily duplicated on a wooden coffee table. I like how it provides grass and dirt and also animals to act out dramatic play scenarios about farms.

routine cards... cool for all of you who have children .... wonder if I can adapt it for day care?

DIY Daily Routine Chart for Kids